How To Make A Bed Like A Hotel

Every time you go on vacation, you probably swear you’re going to learn how to make a bed like a hotel does. Hotel beds are notoriously indulgent – luxurious and beautiful and designed to help you sleep like a baby. It’s actually easy to make a bed like a hotel does, and it only takes a few of minutes. Not only will your “hotel bed” be more comfortable, but it will also be more inviting – and that’s something both you and your next overnight guest will appreciate!

To make a bed like a hotel, you’ll need:

  • A set of sheets, (one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases)
  • Two pillows
  • A blanket, if desired
  • A duvet
  • Decorative pillows, if desired
  1. Make the mattress itself as comfortable as possible. If you haven’t done it in a while, flip your mattress over. If it smells stale, spray it with an odor neutralizing spray or sprinkle it with baking soda and vacuum it. If your bed is hard, add a piece of memory foam or a filled mattress pad.
  2. Prepare your bedding. If your sheets are old or stained, buy new ones. While some people swear by high thread counts, focus on cotton quality instead.  Choose 100% combed cotton sheets with a thread count between 200 and 400. Before you make your bed like a hotel, wash your sheets and, if necessary, your duvet cover, mattress pad and even the duvet itself.
  3. Put the sheets on the bed. Start with the fitted bottom sheet, pulling it tightly across all four corners. Then, stand at the foot of your bed and shake the flat top sheet out over the bed, adjusting it so that it drapes evenly and has equal overhang on each side. At the top of the bed, smooth the hem into a straight line right along the edge of the mattress. Then move to the bottom of the bed and gently pull it downward until the sheet lies smooth, with any excess hanging off the bottom of the bed. A smooth finish will make a bed like a hotel.
  4. If you use blankets, put them on your bed using the same process. Stand at the bottom of your bed and billow out any blankets you use (not including the duvet) until it covers your sheets. Move to the top of the bed adjust the hem, arranging it six to eight inches short of the headboard. Fold the top sheet over the blanket. Smooth the blanket out by pulling it down at the bottom, allowing any excess to dangle.
  5. Perfect the art of hospital corners. Stand on one side and grab the sheet and blanket, pulling the edge up about twelve inches from the end of the bed. Lift the edge to make a diagonal fold. Lay the fold onto the mattress and pull it smooth. Tuck the hanging portion of the sheet and blanket under the mattress with your other hand. Drop the fold and pull it smooth then tuck it under the mattress.  Repeat this process on the other side of the bed.
  6. Fluff up your pillows. Inch your pillow into the cases little by little. If the pillowcase is longer than your pillow, tuck the top edge around the end of the pillow, slipping it inside the bottom edge. Fold the bottom edge in, creating a smooth pocket.
  7. Fluff up your duvet and toss it over the blanket and sheets. Make sure it’s even on all sides, and align the top of it with the fold of your sheet.
  8. Add your pillows. Center the pillows you sleep with along the top of the duvet. To really make your bed like a hotel, add a decorative pillow or blanket, and voila! Get ready for a night of luxury!
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