How To Make A Beer Bottle Chandelier

Chandeliers are often used to created unique and beautiful lighting in our homes but I bet you didn't know how to make a beer bottle chandelier. They can often be individualized to meet the specific needs of the owners of the chandelier. By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to make a beer bottle chandelier. Your friends won't believe you made it yourself.

Supply List:

  • Beer bottles
  • Beer chandelier kit
  1. Collect a wide variety of beer bottles. You can do this by either drinking the beer yourself and saving the bottles, or talking to your friends about your project, and encouraging them to hand their bottles over to you.
  2. Clean the bottles carefully. Make sure there is no beer residue left inside the bottles–this can draw attention from insects and even small rodents. Set the bottles upside down, ensuring they dry properly. 
  3. Buy a beer bottle chandelier kit. While these can occasionally be found in home improvement stores, you will more than likely have to purchase it online. Clear a large space, and carefully assemble the chandelier.
  4. Decide how many bottles you will need to fill out the chandelier. In addition, determine where individuals bottles will be placed. For safety measure, you may want to set aside one or two extra bottles, in case you experience some breakage during assembly. 
  5. Carefully place the empty beer bottles into the circles of the chandelier. Hang the chandelier according to the instructions that came with the kit. Turn on the new chandelier, and enjoy.
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