How To Make A Beer Tap

Are you wondering how to make a beer tap? Look no further. Making your own beer tap is a good way to spice up your home bar and is also a good way for you to save money. Beer taps do require some patience and time, but the outcome is great as it allows you to create an atmosphere that is both fun and exciting. Your home will also be the hot spot for parties or get togethers will family and friends.

  1. Obtain a block of hard wood. It can be any kind of wood, such as maple or cherry. It needs to be about a foot and a half tall.
  2. Jointer. Turn on the jointer and then press the wood slowly against it so that it is rubbing against it. The wood block each two on the jointer so that the squares on the side of the wood are pointing up and the surface degree is 90 degrees.
  3. Tablesaw. You will need to use tablesaw in order to cut the wood block to the width that you want the beer tap to be.
  4. Rotate at a 45 degree angle.  Secure the wood onto the lathe and then start to rotate it without turning the Spurs. Ensure that the Spurs you are turning are the correct ones. Keep making it tight as you turn it.
  5. Blade. Place the blade rate into the space and raise the tool rest to the center of the wood. Using the case, make the block of wood around it out completely, working from one end to another.
  6. Beer Tap Model. Use the tap model in order to compare your rounded out wood to the actual product. Make a mark off the wood on either side to prove the idea of where the wood should be. Use the model to create the type and shape you want, making the cheaper cuts when necessary.
  7. Finish. Turn the table upside down and then drill a hole in the bottom of the tap where you want the keg to fit into. Enjoy it!
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