How To Make The Best Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Identifying goal specific factors can help you learn how to make the best cardio kickboxing workout. Cardio kickboxing is great for fitness and strength training, as well as those who would like to participate in boxing or kickboxing. Take the following considerations into account to learn how to make the best cardio kickboxing workout.

  1. Identify your goals. Do you want to lose 20 pounds, do something fun for exercise, or develop self defense techniques? Knowing what you're looking for in your cardio kickboxing workout is essential in developing a proper concentration for your workout plan.
  2. Establish intensity, duration, and a general schedule to your workout. Setting a schedule according to your needs for your cardio kickboxing workout is recommended.  According to your goals, set the intensity and duration of these workouts. Perhaps a quick ten minute workout every other day may be a quick way to exercise.  Or a thirty minute stamina-building workout a few days a week may be appropriate for others.
  3. Mix punches, kicks, and combinations into your training. There are endless possibilities when developing a cardio kickboxing program. You could have times concentrating on just punches, kicks, or combinations. You could also mix these together to create variety.
  4. Mix in other elements to the workout. You could easily add other elements of exercising into the cardio kickboxing workout. For instance, if you want to build cardiovascular stamina, add some jogging before or after the workout. You could very easily circuit train with weights for a complete workout as well, although kickboxing can be useful for strength training (therefore, be careful not to overemphasize certain muscles).



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