How To Make Bicep Vein More Visible

How to make bicep vein more visible is not as easy as it may seem. There are factors involved in getting visible bicep veins, such as body fat percentage, genetics or hydration level. Many body builders implement these factors to have more visible veins, called greater vascularity.

  1. To achieve visible bicep veins the safe way will take time and motivation. Begin doing a ten minute cardio routine as to get the heart pumping. Cutting body fat on your arms t will help you to have prominent bicep veins. Do each workout using lighter weights than you would normally use to build up the burn you feel when working out; it's not from lactic acid.
  2. Do dumbbell concentration curls. The exercise isolates your biceps to their peak performance, causing your bicep veins to be visible. Begin sitting down with a dumbbell in each hand. Place your elbows against the inner part of your knees. Start lifting the dumbbells toward your chin and exhale as you do so. Slowly lower the dumbbells and keep your elbows straight. Do two sets of twenty reps.
  3. Do barbell preacher curls. This exercise also isolates your biceps effectively. Sit down on a preacher bench where your arms will lay on a cushioned seat. Grab hold of the barbell and begin to lift towards your face. Contract your biceps for an effective workout. Exhale and begin to lower the weight slowly. Do two sets of twenty reps.
  4. Do spider curls. This is similar to the preacher curls, but you're supporting your stomach on the preacher bench. Grab hold of the barbell and slowly start lifting the weight towards your chest. Contract your muscle at its highest point and slowly lower the barbell. This will give your biceps a shock to achieve more visible veins. Do two sets of twenty reps.

Now that you're finished warming up your biceps, it's time to lift heavier weights. You should only be able to do four to six reps and one set of each workout. The weight is too heavy if you cannot do that many. Having proper form and squeezing your biceps at their highest point will make you achieve the visible bicep veins that you want.

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