How To Make A Big Stick Cocktail

Treat your guests to a slice of summer when you know how to make a Big Stick Cocktail. A Big Stick Cocktail is a tall, refreshing peach and berry blend that gets its flavor from sloe gin. Unlike regular gin-which is distilled with a combination of juniper and grain alcohol- sloe gin is made from berries found on blackthorn trees called sloe berries. The sloe berries are infused with grain alcohol, distilled and made into the dark-red liquor we know as sloe gin. Sloe gin isn't as strong as its clear counterpart, but it has the smooth, sweet flavors needed to make a Big Stick Cocktail. A Big Stick Cocktail is one of the few cocktails that you don't have to mix. As you build your Big Stick Cocktail over ice, the colors of the different liquors begin to blend and create a swirl effect in the glass. When you're done building a Big Stick Cocktail you will have a drink that looks a lot like the Big Stick Popsicles that you enjoyed as a kid. This blend of sweetness and nostalgia is what makes a Big Stick Cocktail the perfect summertime treat for grown-ups.

Things you will need to make a Big Stick Cocktail:

  • Sloe gin
  • peach liquor 
  • peach schnapps
  • Ice 
  • Clear glass
  1. Put two or three ice cubes into a tall, clear glass or tumbler. Part of the fun in making a Big Stick Cocktail is how it looks as you build the cocktail. When you're done you will something that looks like a big peach Popsicle.
  2. Pour 1/2 oz. sloe gin over the ice. Sloe gin is reddish, berry flavored liquor that lays the foundation for the Big Stick Cocktail's color and flavor.
  3. Add 1/2 oz. peach liquor. If you want to make your Big Stick Cocktail a bit stronger, try peach flavored whiskey. Using peach whiskey my damage the color of your Big Stick cocktail a bit, but the drink will be a lot stronger.
  4. Pour in 1/2 oz. peach schnapps. This will enhance the sweet peach flavor of your Big Stick Cocktail and give it a smooth texture.
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