How To Make A Black And Tan Beer

If you enjoy drinking beer but want to mix things up a bit, you should learn how to make a Black And Tan beer. Sometimes it is difficult to decide between drinking a dark beer or having a pale ale. The good news is that a Black and Tan gives you the best of both worlds. The darker beer rests on top thanks to its lower density, creating a two-layered effect in the glass. The two flavors complement each other perfectly. The pale ale is a refreshing way to wash down the dark beer on top. It tastes best when made at home but this combination of flavors is so popular that you can also purchase pre-made Black and Tan beer in stores. It was even the inspiration for a flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Guinness and Bass are the most popular beers for this drink, but you can use any ale or lager along with your favorite dark beer when you make a Black and Tan beer. Bottles are best but you can also use beer from a can or tap if necessary. A Black and Tan beer is a great way to enjoy a pale ale and a dark beer at the same time.

To make a Black and Tan beer, you will need:

  • Tall beer glass
  • Metal spoon
  • 1 Bottle of Pale Ale
  • 1 Bottle of Dark Beer
  1. Fill the beer glass half way with the pale ale. Pour slowly and wait for the foam to subside.
  2. Slowly pour the dark beer on top of the pale ale. Turn the metal spoon upside down and pour the dark beer over the top of it so that it will gently fall on to the pale ale without mixing or splashing and create the layered effect of the Black and Tan beer.


  • Special bent spoons can be purchased to enable the careful pouring of the top dark beer layer. These spoons are available in specialty shops and are designed to rest over the lid of the glass to free up both hands for pouring.
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