How To Make A Black Jack Taco

Learning how to make a black jack taco is not tough at all and it is well worth learning! If you like tacos, this recipe is something you must at least try, and I think you will be surprised. If you want to try this black jack taco, then pay attention.

To make a black jack taco, you will need:

  • Ground beef, taco seasoning
  • Shredded cheddar cheese, pepper jack cheese, and mozzarella cheese
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Hard Shell Taco

    1. Making this tasty taco starts with browning the meat, just like every other taco. You will need to brown your meat on medium heat on your stove, and then drain the fat. Once you drain your fat, you need to add your taco seasoning, with ¼ cup of water, but only add as much water as you need to stop the sizzling.
    2. Once you are finished cooking your beef, you are halfway there, you just need to shred your cheeses. Use your at home grater, or by these cheeses already shredded, whatever is easier for you. Whatever you do, just know you only need enough cheese grated for who will be eating it, if it is only you, you don’t need to grate the whole block(s) of cheese.
    3. Once your lettuce is shredded and ready to go, then so are you. In the same way you grated your cheese you can grate your lettuce, right at home on your grater. Again, you can also buy lettuce that is already shredded if this is easier for you.
    4. Finally yet importantly, you need your taco shell, and the only difference between a shell you buy at a grocery store or a drive through is the color. If you feel like you want to make this a true black jack taco, you can dye your taco dark green, this is the color of the taco, not black, but not many people know that. So if you want to change the color, dye your taco, and bake in your oven on very low heat for no more then five minutes, you just want your taco dry and crispy when you eat it.

Of course, when you are finished with preparing everything, you add as much or as little to your taco shell as you would like. If you are very fond of black jack cheese, add extra. This is why it is always best to make things at home, you can add more to your taco then any restaurant will. Here’s to you enjoying your black jack taco.

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