How To Make A Blank Aluminum Cuff Bracelet

You might be surprised how simple it is to learn how to make a blank aluminum cuff bracelet. Blank metal bracelets are a very versatile piece of jewelry. They can be worn plan or later covered with fabric. Cuff bracelets can be worn on the wrist or on your upper arm. There is no need to spend money on this accessory because one can easily be made from household items.

Items needed to make a blank aluminum cuff bracelet:

  • Soda can
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Steel wool
  • Rolling pin or metal can
  1. Using the utility knife puncture a whole in the can. Lay the can on a table to do this. Do not hold the can while puncturing it because you can cut yourself.
  2. Next use the scissors to cut the top and bottom off of the can. Use caution because the edge of the can will be sharp. You will now have a cylinder.
  3. Cut the aluminum cylinder in half creating a rectangle. The rectangle will be about six inches wide and much bigger than you will need. Your average cuff bracelet is anywhere from half an inch to two inches. Decide how wide you want your cuff bracelet to be.
  4. Cut the rectangle to create a strip for your bracelet. You will have enough material to cut out more than one. Round the edges after laying the strip on your wrist to see if you need to shorten it.
  5. Turn the bracelet over so the shinny side will be outside. Use the rolling pin or can to give the bracelet shape.
  6. Use the steel wool to smooth out any sharp edges. Fit the bracelet over what area of your arm you wish to wear it on. If you wish, the bracelet can now be covered in material.



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