How To Make A Blood Orange Martini

Impress your friends with your martini skills when you show them how to make a Blood Orange Martini. The Blood Orange Martini gets its name because it is made with blood orange juice. The blood orange is a smaller, sweeter version of the oranges that you see in the grocery store; its dark red flesh is what earned it the name blood orange. The sweet and tangy taste of the blood orange makes them the perfect candidate for a cocktail. The hardest part of making a Blood Orange Martini isn't mixing the drink, it's the blood orange juice that is needed to make one. Since blood oranges and blood orange juice are not always carried at large chain grocery stores, you may have to go to a speciality grocery store to get the blood orange juice needed for your Blood Orange Martini. Don't let the exotic ingredients needed for a Blood Orange Martini discourage you from experimenting with this sweet citrus cocktail. Try different flavors of vodka to give your Blood Orange Martini some extra zing.

Things you will need for a Blood Orange Martini:

  • Vodka 
  • Triple sec or orange flavored liquor
  • Blood orange juice
  • Blood orange slices
  • Cocktail shaker 
  • Martini glass
  • Ice
  1. Put two to three ice cubes into your cocktail shaker. Putting ice in your cocktail shaker first chills the shaker and makes sure that the ingredients for your Blood Orange Martini stay chilled during mixing.
  2. Pour 4 oz. of vodka into the cocktail shaker. If you want to experiment with the flavor of your Blood Orange Martini, try using a citrus or Mandarin-flavored vodka. 
  3. Pour 1/2 oz of triple sec into the mix. The triple sec will make sure that your Blood Orange Martini has the right balance of sweet and tart while giving your cocktail a smooth texture.
  4. Add 2 oz. of blood orange juice. Because blood oranges are not always easy to come by, you may not be able to find the juice needed for your Blood Orange Martini. If your local grocery store doesn't have blood orange juice, try organic or speciality markets. If you're not able to find blood orange juice, you can substitute regular orange juice. Using regular orange juice will not give your Blood Orange Martini the same color as using blood orange juice, but it will still make for a tasty cocktail. 
  5. Put the lid onto your cocktail shaker and shake until it becomes frosty. Then pour your Blood Orange Martini into a martini glass. 
  6. Peel your blood oranges and separate it into slices. Take two slices of the blood orange and wedge them onto the rim of your martini glass for garnish. Now sit back and enjoy your Blood Orange Martini.
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