How To Make A Blow To The Testicles Hurt Less

Just about every guy has experienced the pain and needs to know how to make a blow to the testicles hurt less. In some cases, the blow came about during a sporting event, such as being struck in the groin by a ground ball that suddenly became airborne. At other times, the blow may have been inflicted during a fight or some sort of freak accident. Whatever the reason, the good news is that you can learn how to make a blow to the testicles hurt less in very little time, and move on with the rest of the day.

Things You Need:

  • Crushed Ice
  • Warm Bath
  • Over the counter pain reliever
  1. Walk it off. Minor blows to the testicles may leave you momentarily curled into a tight knot, but if you can manage to get on your feet and walk around for a few moments, the pain will begin to subside. If the pain is so severe that you can’t walk, then more a more aggressive form of treatment is needed.
  2. Apply crushed ice as soon after a blow to the testicles as possible. The ice will help ease the pain and also minimize the chances for inflammation. If an ice pack is not nearby, place the crushed ice in a plastic sandwich bag. If no ice is available, wet a towel in cold water and apply directly to the testicles.
  3. Take an over the counter pain reliever. In general, whatever you take for a headache will also help ease the pain in your testicles. The anti-inflammatory action of the pain reliever will act in conjunction with the ice to prevent a lot of swelling, which in turn facilitates healing and the end of your pain.
  4. Enjoy a warm bath. Once the first round of pain has subsided, you can relieve the residual pain from a blow to the testicles by soaking in a warm bath. Make the water as warm as you can reasonably stand, but keep in mind the idea is to relax the area around your scrotum, not boil a lobster. A warm bath for  fifteen minutes to a half hour will not only help ease the residual pain in your testicles, but also help relax sore muscles and provide you with some much needed mental relaxation as well.

Keep in mind that while a blow to the testicles is often a minor event that has no long term consequences, be on the lookout for any signs that something is not right. If you notice blood in your urine or during ejaculation, or swelling in one or both testicles that will not go away, see your doctor immediately.

Reference: University of Maryland Medical Center

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