How To Make A Blowgun For Hunting

With the imminent collapse of Western civilization nigh upon us, we should all know how to make a blowgun for hunting purposes. This primitive form of hunting is still practiced in much of the world except for a few sissy spots like California, Massachusetts and the District of Columbia where it is illegal. So before you proceed, make sure you are not breaking any laws. Also, the blowgun we will be making can be lethal in the right hands. Anything you would hunt with a .22 rifle, you can hunt with a blowgun. Exercise the same sanity and caution you would use when hunting with a firearm.

To make a blowgun for hunting, you will need:

  • One half inch diameter electrical conduit tube
  • A PVC male adapter that fits snugly over the electrical conduit tube
  • Electrical tape
  • Epoxy
  1. Make the blowgun. You can purchase ten feet of conduit for around two dollars at a hardware store. Cut the conduit to the desired length and smooth down any jagged ends on concrete. The length of the blowgun is up to you. The Matis Indians from the Yavarí valley in Brazil use 13 foot long blowguns to hunt monkeys. Not only do the ladies enjoy a longer blowgun, but the velocity and accuracy is much better too. To keep things practical, your first blowgun should be at least four feet long and no longer than six feet.
  2. Attach the mouthpiece. Slide the thin end of the PVC male adapter over one end of the conduit. Make sure none of the conduit sticks out of the fat side of the adapter because this is where you will be putting your lips. If your adapter is too loose, you can wrap some electrical tape over the end to make the fitting snugger. Now put a thin layer of epoxy at the base of the PVC male adapter to seal it. Allow this to dry overnight.
  3. Wrap it up. The entire electrical conduit tube should now be wrapped with electrical tape. This not only improves the grip, it also camouflages the metallic sheen.


If you are having difficulty with the mouthpiece, you can try a film canister. Poke a hole in the bottom, heat it over a flame and then slide it over the conduit. If you do not know what a film canister is or where to obtain one, ask someone over forty who looks like a hippie.


If you make a blowgun for hunting, always remember that this is not a toy. It is a weapon. Never point it at anything you do not intend to kill. Never store it loaded.

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