How To Make A BMX Bike Frame

If you want to build your own BMX bike, then chances are you will have to learn how to make a BMX bike frame. Building your own BMX bike can not only eliminate a considerable expense, but it also allows you to create a one of a kind machine that is built exactly how you want, with the design features that you want in a BMX bike.  This task requires that you have a working knowledge of welding. Remember to follow all safety guidelines associated with welding.

What you’ll need:

  • A working knowledge of how to weld
  • Welding equipment
  • 6061 steel tubing
  • Sand blaster
  • Paint
  • Hand-held grinder
  1. Make preparations. Gather all of the tools you need for building your BMX bike along with the necessary measurements needed for cutting the right length of tubing. It’s a good idea to take measurements off of an existing BMX bike. If you have a large piece of cardboard lying around, you can trace around the tubes for the BMX bike frame with a marker and use that as your guide.
  2. Check your measurements. Make sure that all of the measurements are correct. After all, you want to measure twice and cut once. This is made much easier with the cardboard frame tracing, as you can lay all of your tubing into position and mark their lengths accordingly.
  3. Cut and weld the tubing. Cut the tubing to the needed lengths and then start welding the pieces together, moving clockwise as you weld each piece. You may have to use a jig that holds each piece at a certain angle to insure the pieces are welded straight. Stand the frame up to check the alignment. If you see any part of the bike frame that is not straight, cut the tubes and weld them together again. 
  4. Paint the bike frame. Start prepping the bike frame by smoothing the welds using a grinder. Sand blast the frame, then cover it with one coat of primer, followed by two to three coats of paint.
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