How To Make A BMX Bike Lighter

How to make a BMX bike lighter is a trial in replacing parts on the exiting BMX bike. If you are looking to make a BMX bike lighter, you need to look at the bike itself. The parts used on a BMX bike will make it heavier or lighter. Learning how to make it lighter revolves around understanding what is available on the market. How to make a BMX bike lighter is based on what you replace on it parts wise. Everything on a BMX bike can be replaced to make it lighter; you just need to know how. This article will touch on key components that can be replaced to make a BMX bike lighter. Keep in mind, making the BMX bike lighter will cost you some cash and may not always be to your personal riding style.

What you will need to do this:

  • BMX bike
  • Cash or credit

How to make a BMX bike lighter:

  1. The first and biggest area to look at is the frame. Most BMX bikes are made from chromoly. Moving to an aluminum frame will reduce weight the most. This type of frame flexes more and some riders do not care for it.
  2. Short of that major change, there are other areas to look at. Reduce wheel weight by using a Kevlar sidewall tire or by running a thirty six-spoke wheel, versus the forty-eight.
  3. You can also change your seat to a pivotal seat. This type of seat uses a center bolt into the neck. Speaking of the neck, use a shorter post to also reduce weight. As you can see, anything on the bike can be changed to reduce weight.
  4. Your brakes, handlebars and brake cable. Use a shorter brake handle to reduce the amount of metal. The same goes with the hubs on your tires; the possibilities are only limited to your billfold.


Many of these changes only provide a small amount of weight loss. However, every ounce can make a difference. You should try out some of these options before you buy.

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