How To Make Bmx Jumps

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to make BMX jumps. BMX jumps add a challenge to riders–and while you don't need to be an engineer to make properly sized and placed jumps, it is important to create jumps that are properly sized and placed. In order to  become proficient as using BMX jumps, it is essential that you practice on a regular basis. Be sure to wear protective equipment when first attempting BMX jumps. Withe enough time and practice, you'll become an expert. Enjoy!

  1. Determine where the jumps will be placed. In addition, it is important that you determine where the starting point will be in order to plan enough space between jumps in order to maintain or build speed before approaching the next jump.
  2. Collect a large amount of dirt and pile it in the spot that you desire for your BMX jump. Typically, most BMX jumps are around four feet tall—but you can create variety by alternating the size. Shape the dirt into mounds, and pack down with a flat shovel. Make sure there are no flat spots, rocks, or twigs that could trip riders.
  3. Coat the jumps with a light layer of water, and allow them to dry completely before use. Placing water on the jumps will compress the dirt, and pack it into place. In more dirt is needed after the jumps have been watered, put it in place and pack tightly.
  4. Try out the BMX jumps. The best way to determine whether or not the jumps are created properly is to test them. If the jumps seem to bumpy, are out of place, or don't provide enough room between jumps, reevaluate your location and start over from step one.



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