How To Make A BMX Ledge

Learning how to make a BMX ledge for biking tricks is not too hard, but it requires time and materials. You should also have a basic understanding of tool use and craftsmanship to undertake the process. The following tips will help you build a BMX ledge for your own personal use.

To make a BMX ledge, you will need:

  • Two sheets of plywood
  • Two long two-by-four boards
  • Nails
  • A hammer
  • A saw, such as a table saw or electric hand saw
  1. To make a BMX ledge, first buy all of the materials that you will need. Any home improvement store or construction supply company will have the right supplies. Gather them together so that you can begin construction on your BMX ledge.
  2. Next, decide upon the length and height of the ledge. If it is going to be buried in the ground, its height should be exaggerated by the amount that it will be submerged.
  3. Cut four two-by-fours to the length of the ledge. Also cut eight for the height and eight for the thinner width.
  4. Build the rectangular frame. The four long boards should be the four corners, the height two-by-four cuts should be attached so that four support the bottom and top of each side, making a ladder shape. The shorter ones for width should connect to two ladder-like side frames.
  5. Cut plywood to the size of the two sides, the long, narrow width and the two ends. Nail these panels onto the frame, and you have got your own BMX bike ledge. It can be mounted on wood, or partially buried, and then used.

Learning how to make a BMX ledge is a fairly easy construction project that may be done at home. With the right supplies and effort, a nice basis for bike tricks can result.

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