How To Make A BMX Ramp

Want to learn how to make a BMX ramp?  Having your own is a good way to be able to practice and do tricks whenever you want.  It allows you to have a ramp at your disposal anytime you want it.

To build a BMX ramp, you will need:

  • Saw
  • Power saw
  • Wood
  • Screws
  • Screwdrivers
  • Plywood
  • Drill
  • Bolts
  • Wrench


  1. Take wood and cut it into curved take off and landing shaped pieces for your BMX ramp. 
  2. Take two of the frame pieces and drill holes every ten inches or so up the length of the frame.
  3. Place beams in between the holes and drill ramp supports into place.
  4. Repeat the first three steps to make the landing of the BMX ramp.
  5. Place support beams underneath the large top and then hammer or screw into the support beams to make the flat top above the ground.
  6. Bolt the landing and take off to the large top.
  7. Lay flat pieces of wood onto the take off and landing and screw them into the support beams that run across from each side of the frame of the BMX ramp.  Make sure there are no gaps between the pieces because then the ramp will be ineffective.
  8. Screw or nail pieces into place.

 Now your BMX ramp is complete.  You are ready to use it to practice anytime you want.  Make sure to cover it with a tarp to keep the weather from ruining it. 

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