How To Make Boat Dock Plans

Learning how to make boat dock plans is the first step in making your own boat dock. Before you jump into buying supplies for your future boat dock, you’ll first need to consider a variety of things that will go in to making your boat dock. Making your first boat dock may seem like a daunting task at first glance, but with these plans you’ll be ahead of the pack in your preparations. If you think you’re ready to build your own set of boat dock plans, then take a look at the list of items you’ll need.

To make your own boat dock plans, you’ll need the following:

  • Clean sheet of paper(s)
  • Sharp pencil
  1. Choose your location. If you already know where you would like to place your boat dock at, then you may skip to step two. If not, then take a look around your property and decide where you would like to build your boat dock. It’s always a good idea, if you can, to have multiple locations in mind. Various factors can come up, as we’ll discuss later, that may influence where you place your boat dock at. If you’re set on one location, then this is perfectly reasonable.
  2. Decide what type of boat dock. There are two main types of docks that you may consider building. First, there is the standard dock which many of us are familiar with. This type of dock is placed on a wooden or pipe support system with a wooden platform on top of these supports. While this dock can be built with the right supplies, it’s much more expensive and requires a lot more man power. The second type of dock is one that is placed literally on air! This type of dock features barrels filled with air for support which rests under the wooden platform. While both of these docks have advantages and disadvantages, you should decide on the one that works the best for your unique situation. If it’s a temporary dock that you will use only in the warm months, you should consider a barrel dock which can be easily removed. If it’s a more permanent fixture that you’re looking at, then you may want to consider the wooden dock.
  3. Check out the rules. Before you finish writing down your ideas about where and what type of dock you want to make, check with local officials to see what types of docks are allowed where you live. Some areas allow you to build whatever type of dock you want; others will require you to follow specific ordinances and guidelines. If your property is within city limits, you may also need a building permit to build your boat dock. If you run into any problems, remember you can always consider building your dock in another location on your property, or you may build another type of dock.

If you run into problems or get frustrated while making your own set of boat dock plans, then take a step back and time to reconsider alternative solutions. If you are unable to build one large boat dock to house multiple boats, consider making a few smaller ones which will house one to two boats at a time. Once you have decided where you want your boat dock, what type of boat dock you want, and checked your local laws, then you will be ready to act on your plans and build your dream boat dock!

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