How To Make A Bodyboard Core

Learning how to make a bodyboard core is not too difficult and the result is certainly well worth the time. With the right materials, the process is super easy. Following is how to make a bodyboard core at home.

You will need the following to make a  bodyboard core:

  • Foam core large enough for board
  • X-acto knife or electric knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray paint


  1. First, purchase all of the necessary materials. Most of these should be available at any crafts supply store or home improvement store, and foam cores may be found online using search engine inquiries, though many crafts stores have them as well. Be sure to buy a foam core that is at least two inches thick, and large enough for you to cut a board that fits your body size from it.
  2. Cut a rectangular shape from the foam core that fits your body. This will be the core of the board.
  3. Next, and this step can require some finesse, cut at the front corners of the board a little bit to give it a rounded front. Then, taper the front few inches of the board's underside up, forming a point, like that on the front of a boat's hull.
  4. Use sandpaper to sand everywhere on the board that you used the knife, making it smooth and comfortable. Your bodyborad core is now complete, and you may paint it or wrap it in material.

Learning how to make a bodyboard core is not very difficult, and well worth the time. The next time you decide to go to the beach, you will be glad that you spent a few minutes to construct a board.

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