How To Make Boiled Dumplings

Learning how to make boiled dumplings (or shuijiao) is extremely easy. They are delicious, quick and have all your necessary food groups in one convenient package. This article will tell you how to make boiled dumplings and get you cooking in no time at all. Impress your friends with your exotic culinary cooking, or just hog it all for yourself.

To make boiled dumplings, you're going to need your dumplings. Recommended are frozen dumplings from your local Asian food market like Lotte-Assi or H-Mart. Wei Chuan and Shandong are the most widely available brands, or just ask the store where the frozen dumplings are. If you want to sound like you know what you are talking about, ask for the jiaozi.

There are many different varieties of frozen dumplings, such as pork and leek, vegetarian, shrimp and vegetable, beef and vegetable, and more. Experiment and try different kinds to see which one is your favorite. Pork and leek, however, is the classic option. A bag of more than twenty dumplings is around $2.99, so eating frozen dumplings is also very economical.

Now that you have your dumplings, you are ready to make boiled dumplings.

  1. You will need to fill a medium sized or larger pot at least halfway with water and bring it to a rolling boil.
  2. Once the water is boiling, dump the frozen dumplings straight into the pot (do not thaw the dumplings). Once the water returns to a boil, put a quarter cup of cold water into the pot. The water will come to a boil again, and then dump a quarter cup of cold water into the pot one more time.
  3. You are ready to extract your dumplings. Once the dumplings float to the top and stay there, you can scoop them out with a slotted spoon. Don't worry about burning your dumplings or anything, as that is impossible.
  4. Finally, you must make the sauce you're going to dip the dumplings in. This is the most essential step of how to make boiled dumplings, as it could make or break your entire meal. Fill the bottom of an eating bowl with soy sauce. Add a couple teaspoons of vinegar to taste. Then, add some red chili sauce (also known as rooster sauce or Sriracha sauce). Add more or less depending on your love of spicy things. Finally, stir in some Bull's Head BBQ sauce. It provides an excellent and unique flavor to the sauce. Making sauce for your dumplings is a very personal process, and it all depends on your taste. Experiment to your heart's desire.

If you are feeling adventurous, making homemade Chinese dumplings is both fun and easy (but definitely more time consuming). Here's how to make boiled dumplings from scratch.

You will need:

  • a pound of raw ground beef
  • chopped bok choy
  • green onions
  • sherry
  • salt
  • pepper
  • sesame oil
  • corn starch
  1. Stir it all together until you get some sort of even consistency and season to taste. Be sure to do your best to squeeze all the excess water from the mixture. The ratio should be about 2/3 beef and 1/3 bok choy and green onions.  
  2. Then, you will need circular dumpling skins, which you can get from your local Asian store. Dollop about a nickel size of the mixture in the middle of a dumpling skin.
  3. Wet the edges of the dumpling skin, fold it and pinch it shut. This part can get a little tricky and some of your dumplings are probably going to be pretty ugly, but you'll get the hang of it.

When your dumplings are all made (preferably for some sort of date night or party. You better not be making handmade dumplings for yourself as frozen dumplings are just as good), cook them the same way as the frozen dumplings, but make sure the beef is fully cooked. You don't want any raw beef dumplings.

There you have it, the quick and easy way to make boiled dumplings, both frozen and handmade. But really, frozen is both quicker, cheaper and tastes the same as handmade. And they're much better than living on a ramen diet. So, give it a try.

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