How To Make Boob Bachelor Party Cake

Need to know how to make a boob bachelor party cake to make your bachelor party complete? It is rather simple to make your groom-to-be a traditional boob bachelor party cake to spice up his big fiesta.

To make a boob bachelor party cake, you will need:

  • Boob cake pan
  • Favorite cake mix
  • Vegetable oil
  • Large eggs
  • Vanilla icing (possibly two tubs if your cake pan is larger)
  • Pink food coloring
  • Yellow food coloring
  • Cake frosting spatula
  • Cake carrier or presentation pan
  • two toothpicks
  1. Read your cake box and preheat your oven. Each cake mix will state the proper temperature to cook your cake. Preheat your oven to the desired temperature.
  2. Use large mixing bowl to mix your cake batter. Depending upon the cake mix you choose the amount of eggs and vegetable oil will vary. Be sure to read the box to ensure you are using the right amount of water, vegetable oil and eggs. Follow the instructions on your box to prepare your cake mix.
  3. Use nonstick grease to your boob bachelor party cake pan. Be sure not to use an excessive amount it is best to wipe the pan down with a clean dry paper towel after you apply the grease. Then add a tablespoon of flour into one of the boob indentions shake the flour around so it coats the entire inside of the pan. Then redo these steps to grease and coat the other breast. Shake all excess flour into the sink.
  4. Pour cake mix evenly into the cake pan. Be sure to avoid getting any cake mix around on the outside edges of the boob indentions, if some spills wipe it clean with a clean paper towel.
  5. Once the oven is preheated you’re ready to bake your boob bachelor party cake. Be sure to set your timer for around half of the cook time listed on the box. Since you are separating the cake mix into two different areas you want to make sure your cake does not burn. The cook time will vary depending on the pan you buy and oven you cook in. Regularly check the cake as it cooks to avoid burning.
  6. When your cake looks like it is fully cooked poke the center with about half of a toothpick. If you pull your toothpick out and there is batter stuck to it that means that your cake is not fully cooked in the center, give it three more minutes then check again. If your toothpick comes out clean then your cake is fully cooked. You also want to ensure the cake does not shift in the pan when you take it out to ensure the middle is solid.
  7. It is extremely important that you let your cake cool all of the way. If you try to remove your cake before it is fully cool it will stick to the pan, fall apart and you will lose your nipple detail.
  8. When your cake is fully cool flip it onto your cake carrier or presentation pan. Position the two boobs so that they look like they are on the chest of a girl.
  9. Put your vanilla icing cup into a glass bowl. Add only two drops of pink food coloring into your bowl and mix your icing very well. See if you like that color for your breasts. If you want it to be more of a flesh color add one drop of yellow then mix to see your new color. Continue adding pink and yellow slowly until you reach your desired flesh color for breasts. Note: this is for Caucasian color flesh, if you want darker flesh try adding green food coloring.
  10. Use your cake frosting spatula to add the flesh colored icing to the full area of the boob bachelor party cake. You can also add the same color frosting to the cake presentation pan so that it looks like a full chest. Be sure to make all icing flat and smooth.
  11. Using the rest of your flesh colored frosting make it a few shades darker to create the desired color of your nipples. Then use the frosting spatula to carefully decorate your boob cake’s nipples. You can use a butter knife it is easier.
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