How To Make A Bow String

Learning how to make a bow string regardless of your surroundings can make the difference between eating or starving in a survival situation. Bow strings can be made out of various materials including thread, string, and cord that may already be located within your clothes or survival pack. Many sites like Live Life Survival point out that though certain plants may be used for survival string and bow string there are people that are not able to identify the plants properly. This is why it is best to utilize what you would have on your body or within your clothing to produce a proper bow string. For this example we will be shoelaces for the bowstring and assuming that you have a sapling branch or some other form of bow material already created.

To make a bow string you will need:

  • Shoelace
  • Multipurpose Tool or knife
  1. Prepare the bow for the bowstring. If you have a standard bow then their will be notches located about an inch down from the tip of the top and bottom of the bow. The bowstring will secure to the bow using these notches. If the bow you have is a handmade bow or bow material found in the natural area then a notch at the top and bottom of the bow should be made.
  2. Measure the string and string the bow. Remember that the bow string should only be about one inch shorter than the entire length of the bow stave. Measure out the string to fit this length requirement. String the bow with the bow string. This is done by simple attaching the ends of the bow string into the notches of the bow. Once this is done make sure that the string is secure.
  3. Test the bow. Using an arrow simply pull back on the bow and test your pull. You may need to make minor adjustments by securing the bow string tighter through the notches. Some people find that this method takes a little getting used to but for survival situations it can be life changing. Remember that other materials can be used as well such as animal hair, hide, and natural plant materials.

Stringing a bow and finding materials for bow string can be very easy. It is always best to make sure that you have some sort of cord on you at all times in case this technique is necessary for a survival or emergency situations. Knowing which plants can be used for bow strings can be helpful as well as having knowledge of how to obtain animal hide and hair to make natural bow strings in the wild.

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