How To Make A Bracelet Out Of Guitar Strings

Need to know how to make a bracelet out of guitar strings? There are many ways to make a bracelet out of guitar strings. Bracelets made from guitar strings are a good way to reuse old strings after you change the strings on your guitar. They can be a gift from a male guitar player to his fans or girlfriend, or commemorate a memory of a particular time when a favorite song was recorded or a great show was played.

  1. One way to make a bracelet is the Braided method. Standard six-string guitars come with six strings. You can braid three of the strings together, clipping off the ends that were attached to the nuts to that they don't scratch the skin. This will make two bracelets. Fuse the ends together with hot glue and wrap the hot glue with felt or some other soft fabric for attaching the ends.
  2. Making "Loosies" is another method you can use to make a bracelet out of guitar strings. You can clip the ends off the strings where they were attached at the nuts. Wrap the guitar strings one by one until they will fit nicely over a wrist. Use a ribbon to tie the ends together. The ribbon color can be the accent piece to make the guitar bracelet match your clothes. You can make six guitar string bracelets this way.
  3. All up the arm guitar string bracelet. You will use the natural coil of the strings for this. Clip off the ends where the guitar strings attached to the nuts. With a glue gun and some felt or fabric, attach the end of one guitar string to the end of the next string. The fabric will hide the glue and add color to the around the arm guitar string bracelet. Once you have attached all six strings together, coil them around your arm from your wrist up to your elbow. You can glue sequins to the ends to show some style. You can make two of these for each arm with your guitar strings if you want to use three strings for each arm, or make a thicker one with all six strings on one arm.



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