How To Make A Bracelet Out Of String

Learning how to make a bracelet out of string opens the door to a unique present for that special someone in your life. While friendship bracelets sound like something the college kid or girl down the street might put together, the man in the know recognizes these inexpensive but nifty little gifts to have just the right personal touch. Getting started with finding out how to make a bracelet out of string is simple.

Collect the raw materials:

  • Paper clip
  • Sharp scissors
  • String or embroidery floss

Once you have all the materials, it is time to discover how to make a bracelet out of string.

  1. Cut six pieces of string. Ideally, the length of each strand should be 30 inches. Do not be afraid to mix and match floss and string. Choosing different colors is a plus as well.
  2. Tie the top. Learning how to make a bracelet out of string involves a bit of fiddling and tying a secure knot is no exception. Once one end is securely tied, attach the overage to the paperclip. Now go ahead and place the clip onto a sturdy book or report cover.
  3. Knot the left string around each of the other five strings separately. A double-knot is the best action to take. This step takes a bit of time to master, but once you get the hang of it, it is really quite simple. Take your time and do not skimp on neatness.
  4. Repeat the step with the next string. Because of the knotting, the string that used to be on the left is now all the way on the right. Go ahead and take the string that is now in the farthest left position and repeat the process of individually double-knotting it to each strand. Once again, take your time and work neatly!
  5. Continue until the string bracelet is finished. Be sure not to pull the string too tight in some instances and not tight enough in others. It is crucial that you use the same knotting pattern with a similar pull throughout. Finish up by tying together the other end of the bracelet to prevent unraveling.

It is clear that learning how to make a bracelet out of string is fun, quick and very inexpensive. Even so, it is a very thoughtful and personal gift for a special person.

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