How To Make A Braided Hippie Headband

Make a braided hippie headband to look cool, groovy, and far out. Hippie headbands are great fashion accessories that both men and women can wear. When you make your own braided hippie headband, you can make the style all your own whether you start with a tie-dye fabric, supple brown leather, or any other material you can think of.

To make a braided hippie headband, you will need:

  • Fabric or leather thong or ribbon or other material of your choice
  • Safety pin or heavy-duty clip
  • Needle and thread
  1. Begin by deciding what material to use. The choices are endless when considering what to make your braided headband from. Think about when you'll wear it, if you need it to be washable, and other factors when deciding on what materials to use.
  2. Cut three strips of materials. To braid a hippie headband, you'll need three strips of fabric, leather, or whatever other materials you decide to use. It's possible to mix and match fabric and ribbon, for example. Cut each of the three strips 4 feet long to ensure the braided headband is long enough in case you want to include a "tail" to stream down the side or back when it is on your head. If you don't want a "tail," use less materials, such as 3 feet for each strip.
  3. Clip the ends. Use a safety pin or a heavy duty clip to secure the ends of the three strips together before you begin braiding. This will keep the end from unraveling as you braid the headband.
  4. Braid the headband. Grasp the strip on the right and cross over the middle strip. Grasp the strip on the left and cross it over the middle strip. Take the strip on the right and cross it over the middle strip, and continue this braiding technique until you have a headband the size needed for your head.
  5. Tack the ends together. Use needle and thread to tack the two sides of the braided hippie headband together. Leave a tail of loose leather or other material to trail down or trim it before sewing the ends together.
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