How To Make A Breast Cake

For your next party, learn about how to make a breast cake. The reaction of party goers will be indelible and a breast cake is somewhat on the original side. 

 You'll need these things for a breast cake:

  • Enough cake mix for the amount of guests
  • Frosting
  • Food coloring
  • Cake shaping tools


  1. Cake mix for your guests. Once you have a rough estimate, start with a least one box of cake mix or five depending on how many guests you expect.
  2. Frosting anyone. Frosting not only makes any cake look more pulled together, it can add an artistic touch if you know how to use it.
  3. Shape your cake. Bake your cake first. But bake it so that it is about half a foot tall or taller (depending on guest count) and eight to 15 inches or more in width. Take a cake shaver or knife and start from the top of your cake to make a breast cake. Cut down at an angle based on how full and shapely you want the to make the breast cake be. Go around the breast cake and try to shave or cut the pieces from the side as evenly as possible. Do the frosting after this step. Now, depending on how accurate you want your breast cake to look according to a real woman's breast, with one piece of the cake you cut off, you can make a nipple for the breast cake. A breast cake would not be the same without it, right?  Dip the piece of cake in to food coloring (light pink or brown would be visually more realistic). You are going to cut or slice at an angle again until it resembles a basic shape to the tip of the breast. Try using a mixture of sugar water to make this piece stick to the top of the cake to make it look more like a breast cake.

This is definitely far from being a professionally made breast cake but that doesn't mean it won't impress. If the breast cake mostly resembles a woman's breast it has turned out very well. If this is your first time being artsy while making a cake, you've done an awesome job of not just baking a cake, but making an artsy cake too. Job well done.



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