How To Make Bruises Fade Fast

If you are wondering how to make bruises fade fast, just remember that a bruise is blood pooling beneath your skin. With that in mind, it makes sense that getting the blood to start flowing again is what will make a bruise fade the fastest. Here are some tips:

  1. Ice,Ice, Baby Whether it’s a bag of frozen peas or an ice pack, get something cold on the bruise as soon as possible. A bruise is caused by blood cells breaking open, and, by icing the area, you are letting the blood cells leak out as little as possible. The sooner you ice it, the faster the bruise will fade. Keep the cold on it for ten minute periods as often as possible in the first 24 hours.
  2. Prop It Elevating the injured area will keep as much blood away from the area as possible, making it less likely to bruise. As soon as you injure yourself, get the bruised area up into the air.
  3. Wrap It Up Another way to get the blood from pooling is to wrap a bandage tightly around it. The pressure of the wrap will encourage the blood cells to spread out instead of pool, thus making the bruise fade faster.
  4. Heat and Vinegar After 24 hours, you should rub vinegar (or witch hazel) on the bruise and apply heat. At this point, the blood cells have stopped spreading and are pooled. Heat and vinegar both help get them back on the move so you can have clear skin as soon as possible.



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