How To Make A Bullet Proof Vest

Knowing how to make a bullet proof vest is not an at-home project. Since your life may be at stake, trusting a handmade vest for protection is not wise. Only purchase a professionally manufactured bullet proof vest for safety. We can explain how a professional bullet proof vest is made even though it is not recommended that you try this at home. Bullet proof vests have been made using many various materials over the years. The bullet proof vest has been revamped and redesigned to perfection. Modern day bullet proof vests are made of kelver, a liquid polymer that can be woven into cloth.

In order to make a bullet proof vest, you need:

  • Kelver
  • Thread
  • Steel panel
  • Fabri
  1. The steel panel offers protection. It is placed inside a  fabric shell. The fabric shell is designed to make wearing the panel a bit more comfortable. It is usually made from a blend of polyester and cotton. The side facing the body is made with an extra layer of absorbent material, usually Kumax.
  2. For serious or life threatening situations, bullet proof vests also contain pockets. These pockets hold metal or ceramic that has been bonded to fiberglass. The goal is to offer protection for any type of incident, including a stabbing or even car crash.
  3. The Kelver is woven. It is then sewn into a sheet shaped vest. Computer graphics are used to determine the correct placement on the sheets.
  4. To attach and wear the bullet proof vest, there are a couple options. Elastic webbing can be used to wear the vest. Another option would be strapping on the vest with straps made from cotton and buckles or Velcro closures.
  5. Bullet proof vests must undergo strict testing to ensure quality. The vests are tested in both wet and dry conditions to determine if they are safe for multiple conditions.



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