How To Make Business Cards On Microsoft Word

With some creativity and a few easy instructions, you can learn how to make business cards on Microsoft Word. The word processor allows you to create simple business cards that you can customize for business or personal use. You can print the cards in one of two ways–as a sheet of business cards or a single business card.

Are you ready to create and print your own business cards? Gather a few blank sheets of perforated business cards, or plain card stock and a pair of scissors. then turn on your computer and follow these six easy steps.

Items Needed

  • Personal computer
  • Microsoft Word software
  • Printable business cards or card stock
  • Computer printer


  1. Locate the “Labels” option. In Word 2003 or earlier versions of Microsoft Word, locate the “Tools” menu and click on “Envelopes and Labels.” In Word 2007 or newer versions of the word processor, locate the “Mailings” tab and click “Labels.”
  2. Choose an business card size. On the “Labels” tab, click “Options” for a “Labels Product” list. Choose a label vendor and select the appropriate “Product Number” for your printable business cards.
  3. Enter the address information. Enter the address for your business card in the “Address” area. To change formatting, such as paragraph or font, click the right mouse button and make changes in the dialogue box on the shortcut menu.
  4. Print a sheet of business cards. To print a sheet of business cards, click “Envelopes and Labels.” From the dialogue box, select “Full page of the same label.” Make sure a printer is connected to your computer and turned on. Click “Print.”
  5. Print a single business card. To print just one business card, click “Envelopes and Labels.” Select “Print” and click “Single Label.” Type the row number and column number for the location to print the card on a sheet of business cards. Click “Print.”
  6. Cut your cards to size. If you printed your business cards on perforated stock, simply tear them apart to separate the cards. If you printed them on card stock, use a pair of scissors to cut them yourself.
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