How To Make Business Cards In Word

Whether just starting at the bottom or already all the way at the very top, learning how to make business cards in Microsoft Word can be a fantastic skill to have to set you apart from the rest of the business card wielding suits at your level. Making your own business cards allows you to have complete control over design and quality, which can give you a real heads up when you pull out your new card. You'll need Microsoft Word, a printer, and some card stock in order to print your own business cards.

  1. Getting started. Open up Microsoft Word and bring up a new blank text document. Open up the Microsoft Office Online menu and, in the "search for" box, type in Business Cards. Choose whichever free template you like the most and download it. You'll want to choose whether or not your business cards will be horizontal or vertical. Horizontal is more traditional, but vertical may stand out more. When the template is downloaded, It should open automatically within Microsoft Word.
  2. Getting down to business. With your new blank template in view, you can start typing in your information. Typically, a business card will have your name, company, title, and phone number. You may also want to include your website, e-mail, and any other pertinent information.
  3. Design. Now you can begin to decide on aesthetics. Font size, color, and type will be the most important. You want something that stands out but is still easily readable since the point of a business card is to provide your information to somebody easily in order for them to contact you. Try to avoid unprofessional fonts also. No wing dings!
  4. Getting fancy. Now that your basic card design is finished, you can start getting a bit more complicated. Add images or change the layout, experiment with whatever works best for you. Remember, this could very well be your first impression. Now, when you are finished, copy and paste the business card to the rest of the page.
  5. Put it in print! Now that you have an entire page of cards, place your card stock into your printer and print it out! Congrats! You just made your own business cards in Word! Now go out and get some free lunches.
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