How To Make Buttons

Need to know how to make buttons? Making buttons for clothing can be fun and interesting and a nice hobby. Almost anything can be made into a button, but there are obviously a few stipulations. A rock might be too heavy for the garment, but small, polished amethyst or tiger's eye stones might work nicely. This is a relatively simple process, but if children are present it is important to place safety goggles on them and have an adult operate the drill.

To make buttons, you will need:

  • Future button materials (small stones, a carved coconut shell, etc.)
  • A power drill with very fine drill bit
  • Safety goggles for all involved
  1. Determine first the materials you will turn into buttons. Sometimes in unique places like Hawaii, people will carve a brown, dry coconut shell into shapes and use these for buttons on Aloha-wear shirts and dresses. Tiny stones that are thin will also work, assuming your drill is strong enough. Even pieces of cardboard could be made into a button, or carved pieces of wood.
  2. Carefully drill two to four holes into each button, while wearing safety goggles. The holes should be evenly spaced, and if drilling four holes, they should form a square shape with the holes acting as the four corners. If this is done with children, it is best to have an adult do the drilling.
  3. Once the buttons have all been made, they are ready for packaging and selling. Or, you can attach them with a needle and thread to a shirt or other garment or accessory. Heavier or awkward buttons can be used to decorate backpacks, purses, throw pillows or other decorative pieces.
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