How To Make A Cable From A Kenwood Mic Go To Soundcard Output

If you ask how to make a cable from a Kenwood mic go to a soundcard output, you will learn that this new addition to the CPU must be done with the help of an external device. For any Kenwood model or other similar models, you can’t plug the cable into the soundcard without a special connector.

  1. About Kenwood Mic. The plug for this kind of mic is a pin model. It is not made to fit computers and sound cards. The original purpose of the mic was to use it without a computer. However, thanks to special computer software, the Kenwood mic comes in very handy for many personal projects. The program that you install and use in combination with the mic allows you to expand its functionality. Kenwood mics come in various models but the pin feature is standard in most devices.
  2. The Soundcard. Every soundcard model should have output and mic terminals to join an external device to the CPU. Normally the devices you connect here are designed to easily enter the card without the help of another item. Soundcards can handle many different types of sound devices and the software is usually compatible as long as it is specified in the owner’s manual. With the use of a good soundcard you can improve the sound quality and performance.
  3. How To Plug The Kenwood Cable. If it were a normal situation where you could use a USB connection you would just connect it there.  However, in order to connect the mic to the soundcard output you must have one of two external items to help make this possible. One standard solution is to use a microphone PC adapter. The other option you have is to use a specially made device known as an interface cable for PC. Each of them will enable you to connect the mic; however, it is recommended that you use the interface cable as Kenwood designs original cables for every purpose. These two products can be acquired in many stores or at Kenwood retailers. You can also order them on the Internet if they are not available near you. 
  4. Plug In The Mic. Once you have the external device it should be attached to the mic cable plug. The pins should enter easily so you won’t need to force it. Then go back to the soundcard output and plug in the other end. This can be done with the computer off or on. Next you must go to the configuration option of the computer and start a scan to recognize the new device.  A new external hardware device should be displayed and you will need to select the required driver. Sometimes the CPU will recognize the driver automatically. Some Kenwood models do not require drivers to be installed. You must always ask your dealer for this information. The software needed to use the mic is not included and is sold separately from the interface cable or adapter.

If, after completing all these steps, the Kenwood mic doesn’t work the soundcard is not compatible with the mic.  You will have to try another model. Also try to clean the soundcard once in a while with a cotton swab and alcohol for proper maintenance.

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