How To Make A Cajon Drum

Do you want to know how to make a Cajon drum? The Cajon drum has acquired notoriety among musicians worldwide because of its versatility, smooth and deep sound and original setting. The Cajon drum is played with the musician actually sitting on it.

To make a Cajon drum, you will need:

  • Wood ply
  • A 3/4" by 3/2" hardwood plank
  • Nails (you can also use screws)
  • Carpenter's glue
  • A fifth guitar cord
  1. To make a good quality Cajon drum, you will need to use good hardwood. If you are on a budget, you can make a Cajon drum out of any kind of wood or even plywood, but the results are going to be as good as the raw material. The width for this particular Cajon drum should be 4/5". Cut the following hardwood parts from the 4/5" hardwood ply: two units of 12.5" by 17.5"; one each of 11" by 17.5", 12.5" by 19", 12.5" by 12.5" and 11" by 11".
  2. Make a frame out of the 3/4" by 3/2" hardwood plank. It must be 11" by 17.5" inches on the outside.
  3. Attach three parallel lines of string to each of the upper angles of the same side of the frame. The more tension, the higher the sound. Fix the cord to the wood using nails.
  4. Cut a hole three inches in diameter into one of the 12.5" by 17.5" planks. This will be the air outlet. The bigger the hole, the more profound the sound. Place the 11" per 11" square, that will be the Cajon drum's base, on the work table.
  5. Glue the frame with the guitar cords to the plank that is 12.5" by 17.5" that has no hole. This is going to be your Cajon drum's back.
  6. Surround the base with the tallest four planks, including the one with the hole and the one with the frame. Cover the Cajon drum with the 12.5" by 12.5" square.

All junctions must be glued and nailed. The more attention you pay to the construction process, the longer the lifetime of your Cajon drum will be, plus it will have a better sound.

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