How To Make Camp Trailer To Look Like A Cabin

You can learn how to make a camp trailer look like a log cabin with simple log cabin siding. There are camp trailers that look like log cabins ready for purchase, but doing it yourself can be fun too. An easy way to do this is to simply add log cabin siding to the exterior of your camp trailer. This will work best on camp trailers that are square or rectangular because less cutting will be required. Turning a camp trailer into a log cabin on wheel will look really cool and impress all of your friends.  There are different types of siding you can use. You can choose to purchase genuine wood or faux siding that gives the same look you are going for. The easiest way to do accomplish this look is to glue or nail the pieces directly onto your camp trailer. 


  1. Purchase your siding. Determine how much area you will need to cover. Measure the camp trailer top to bottom and determine what you want the roof to look like.  If you want log cabin paneling on the top calculate that into the measurements. If you want a more custom look, build a roof for it. That space could even double as storage.
  2. Research the cost for the siding. Log cabin siding can be very pricey, but lots of faux options exist. You will need to determine how much you would like to spend on the project and go from there.
  3. Hire a contractor or attempt to do it yourself. There are several ways to go about adding siding to a camp trailer. You could glue with strong adhesives or you could nail. It will depend on what kind of camp trailer you are working with. If it is metal or aluminum, nailing might not be the best option. You might consider at least hiring a contractor to help get you started and give you some ideas on how to accomplish this based on the materials you are dealing with.
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