How To Make A Campfire Grill

When camping out, many people wonder how to make a campfire grill. Sure, enjoying the great outdoors is a great time, but nobody can deny a good, hearty meal. If you want to enjoy a fully cooked dinner on your next camping trip, there are some materials you’ll need and some tips you should keep in mind.

To make a campfire grill you will need:

  • Kindling
  • Firewood
  • Large Rocks
  • Metal Grill
  • Water
  1. The first step when trying to make a campfire grill is to prepare the location. This should be a minimum of eight inches away from all brush and vegetation to prevent the fire from spreading out of control. Make sure you have a water source available nearby in case the fire does start to spread. A U-shaped perimeter of large rocks in a cleared area is an ideal setup to make a campfire grill.
  2. Next you’ll want to start the fire. Stack your pieces of crumpled paper, kindling, and small sticks or branches in a neat pile and light them on fire. Never use gasoline when starting a fire that is meant for cooking food.
  3. Once your fire is steady you can add your firewood. These should be dry, brown logs or large, heavy branches. The smoke from some wood types may even add additional flavoring to the food on your campfire grill.
  4. Let the flames die down until you’re left with white-hot coals. Then place your metal campfire grill over the fire. Position it so the sides of the grill are on your large rocks and elevated from both the ground and fire.
  5. Start cooking your food as soon as the campfire grill is in place. Some foodstuffs, like steak and other kinds of meat can be placed directly on the grill itself, though some may require cookware.


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