How To Make Camping Gear

We all know that it is hard to find cheap camping gear, so why not learn how to make camping gear on your own and save on all that cash that you would have spent.

You will need these supplies:

  • kitchen or other form of matches
  • nail polish
  • paper cup
  • metal nail file
  • assorted band-aids
  • tweezers
  • coach tape
  • antibiotic ointment
  • pain reliever/fever reducer (ibuprofen and acetaminophen
  • alcohol wipes
  • a sewing needle
  • some plastic snack bags
  • plastic container
  • a craft plastic box

Lets first talk about the number one camping gear that can be key and a must for any camping trip,water proof matches.

  1. Grab the kitchen matches, nail polish, metal nail file, and paper cup from the inventory.
  2. Before you start, make sure you have a well ventilated work area. Once you have this area you can then start the process of making your own water proof matches.
  3. Take the matches one at a time and dip them into the nail polish.
  4. Place them with the match (fire/red end) up inside the cup to dry. Allow them time to dry.
  5. Place them in a plastic container with a metal nail file, which you will use to strike the matches against.

You are probably seeing that making your own camping gear is pretty simple. So to give you some more examples here is how to make your own fist aid kit. This is simpler, cheaper, and more of a convenience then you may think.

  1. Gather assorted band-aids, any size of tweezers, coach tape, antibiotic ointment, pain reliever/fever reducer (ibuprofen and acetaminophen), alcohol wipes, a sewing needle, and some plastic snack bags.
  2. Organized all the materials.
  3. Place all the items with in this plastic craft box.

Now you have yourself a first aid kit.

When it comes to making camping gear there are so many resources out there to learn how to make a lot of your own gear. Just keep your mind and imagination open and you will come to see a lot of camping gear can be made yourself and there is no need to spend all the money before hand.

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