How To Make A Camping Rain Tarp

There are several things that every camper should know, including how to make a camping rain tarp. This is probably one of the easiest tasks to accomplish when camping. Ideally, campers should set up a rain tarp along with the rest of the campsite. This means that regardless of sudden weather conditions, the campers are prepared, warm, and dry.

To make a camping rain tarp, you will need:

  • A water-repellent tarp
  • Four hooked bungee tie downs
  • Rope
  • A knife
  1. Set up a centered camp. Find a location that puts the tent and cooking area of the campsite between four natural posts or trees. This will make setting up the tarp much easier and provide a greater area of coverage from rain.
  2. Lay the tarp out flat on the ground. Cut a small hole in each corner of the tarp. Attach the one hooked end of a bungee tie down into each corner hole. Secure the bungee ties with a knot if necessary.
  3. Attach a length of rope to one corner and tie it down. Stretch the rope out towards the corresponding corner tree or post. Wrap the rope around the tree trunk, leaving enough room to tie the rope securely in place. Repeat this step for each remaining corner of your rain tarp.
  4. Adjust the rain tarp so that it lies about three to four feet above the campsite. The goal is to keep the campsite dry and free from rain while still being able to move around freely within the site. With the tarp adjusted, secure the rope in place with a tight knot.

Following these steps will result in a camping rain tarp that will keep the sleeping and cooking areas free from rain damage. Remember to keep the tarp at a high enough level so that it will not catch on fire from the cooking flame. If you are not skilled at making secure camp knots, check online to learn the best knots for securing your tarp.

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