How To Make A Camping Stove Out Of Tins

A great idea if you are heading out on a camping trip is to learn how to make a camping stove out of tins. Sure it would be easy to purchase a cookie cutter camping stove from a camping store, but not nearly as much fun. Cooking over a handmade tin stove will remind you that necessity is definitely the mother of invention. Be a little creative this summer and follow these steps to make a camping stove out of tins.

To make a camping stove out of tins you will need:

  • Large food grade metal can (possibly an old metal coffee can, if you can find one)
  • Tin snips
  • Tin punch tool
  • Safety gloves
  • Twigs
  • Lighter or matches
  1. Clean the can. Before you begin to make a camping stove out of tin be sure that your can is empty. Take off all paper labels that may be on the can. Wash the can out really well, and then let it dry.
  2. Throw away the lid. If you did not remove the lid completely when you emptied the can you can do so now. This opening is now the bottom of your stove.
  3. Turn your stove right side up. Place the bottom of your stove, the part with lid removed, on the ground. The side with the lid still attached will become your cooking surface.
  4. Put on your safety gloves. Do not attempt to cut into the can without your safety gloves! Learning how to make a camping stove out of tins can be dangerous if you are not properly protected.
  5. Cut a door. From the bottom of the can make two cuts straight up about three inches high. Then fold the cut part up. Leaving the door flap on will allow you to control the air going to fire.
  6. Punch a few holes. Using the punch tool punch a few hole in the can. The holes should be on the side opposite from the door. They should be at the top of the side of the can, and not on the cooking area.
  7. Build a fire. At this point you have already learned how to build a camping stove out of tin. Now you just have to learn how to use it. Take your twigs and build a small fire. Once you are sure that the fire is going to stay lit place your stove on top of it.  You can add extra twigs through the door to help keep the fire going.
  8. Start to cook. Once the fire is lit you can cook directly on the top of the can.

Almost anything can be made on top of a camping stove. Once you learn how to make a camping stove out of tins you will never have to settle for cold trail mix again. The larger the tin can you can find, the better. Keep your eyes open for a can that will make the perfect stove. After you make a camping stove out of tins you can continue to use the same one, or make a new one for each camping trip.


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