How To Make A Camping Toilet

If you are planning a camping trip into the back country you may be wondering how to make a camping toilet. Camping toilets are an often-overlooked accessory when it comes to camping equipment. There are many different types of camping toilets that can be purchased at camping supply stores. Some of these portable toilets can be quite expensive. It is often worth taking the time to make your own camping toilet to save some money.

To make a camping toilet, you will need:

  • A five-gallon bucket or milk crate
  • A snap-on toilet seat
  • Two plastic garbage bags
  • Sawdust
  • Two twist ties
  1. Fill one of the plastic bags with sawdust. Place one folded plastic bag at the bottom of the bucket or milk crate. Take the other plastic bag full of sawdust and close it at the top with a twist tie. Place the closed bag in the bucket on top of the other plastic bag.
  2. Take all items with you on your camping trip. There is no reason to assemble your camping toilet at home. This can be done fairly quickly when you get to your campsite. The pieces are easier to carry individually than when put together.
  3. Put your camping toilet together as soon as you arrive at the campsite. Take out all the pieces to your camping toilet. Place the plastic bag with the sawdust over to the side. Open up the folded plastic bag and place it in the bucket or milk crate just as you would when placing a garbage bag in a garbage can. Snap on the snap-on toilet seat lid. You now have a completely assembled camping toilet.
  4. Use your camping toilet. When you go to use the camping toilet you need to pour a little bit of sawdust into the bag that is inside the bucket or milk crate. Pour enough to cover the entire bottom with about a half an inch of sawdust. After you finish using your camping toilet, pour a little bit more sawdust on top. The sawdust will aid in keeping the smell to a minimum.
  5. Disassemble the camping toilet when you leave. Unsnap the toilet seat from the bucket or milk crate. Close the bag with the waste in it with a twist tie. Leave it in the bucket to be disposed of at home.

Always be sure to take all waste with you when you leave the back country. If left in the woods the plastic can be very dangerous for the area wildlife. Good campers know that they must take out everything that they brought in. If you follow these simple steps you will have an environmentally-friendly and very usable camping toilet. It will alleviate the need to hover or squat when going to the bathroom and is much easier and safer for your back.

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