How To Make Canoe Covers

Need to know how to make canoe covers? You can make canoe covers at home using various materials. Canoe covers can be made with little expense, while still creating an effective cover. To prevent damage to canoes, it’s important to store them properly and with a proper cover. Homemade canoe cover options include tarps and shrink wrap.

To make canoe covers at home, you will need:

  • A large tarp
  • Thick twine or small rope
  • Boat shrink wrap
  • A hair dryer
  1. You can make canoe covers at home using a tarp. While a tarp is a simple cover, if fastened properly it is an effective cover for a canoe. In order to use a tarp for a cover you must make sure the tarp is fastened tightly over the top of the canoe. This is very important because if the tarp is too loose, it will become damaged on a windy day. Also, if the tarp is too loose, it will cave in if it rains or snows. A new tarp will be needed for each storage season.
  2. You can also make canoe covers using shrink wrap. To use shrink wrap as a canoe cover you will need to use enough shrink wrap to fully cover the canoe. Hold the shrink wrap down with ties while you heat the material using a hair dryer. Completely heat the shrink warp around the entire canoe to make sure it is secure. Heat small sections at a time and you may need to add more than one layer of shrink wrap. Check the shrink wrap if there is a heavy snow fall to ensure it is still properly sealed.

You can easily make canoe covers at home that require little expense yet are very effective. These forms of canoe covers will protect your canoe during the storage season, but you will need to replace tarp and shrink wrap covers annually.

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