How To Make Canoe Oars

Learning how to make canoe oars is a fairly easy process, but you must be able to use tools well and have a basic understanding of craftsmanship to undertake it. You will also need certain materials to make a paddle. Following is advice n how to make canoe oars.

How to Make Canoe Oars: Materials

  • Piece of hardwood, one to one and a quarter inches thick
  • Saw, such as table saw or electric hand saw
  • Electric sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Waterproof finish


  1. First, buy all of the necessary supplies. They may be found at any home improvement or building supply store.
  2. Next, trace the outline of an oar onto a hardwood board, so that its shape goes with the grain of the wood. It should have a knobby handle, long, inch wide shaft, and a blade that is eighteen to twenty-four inches long by about eight inches wide.
  3. Cut the shape of the oar from the wood.
  4. With the electric sander, sand the shaft and handle so that they become rounded, and sand the blade so that it tapers to within half of an inch in thickness.
  5. Use sandpaper on the entire oar to make everything, especially the handle, very smooth. Then, apply a waterproof finish.
  6. To make additional canoe oars, simply repeat this process. You may alter their lengths to accommodate people of different ages and sizes.

Learning how to make canoe oars at home is not too difficult. With the right supplies, and with a little time, anyone who knows how to use tools and work with wood can make his or her own paddles.

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