How To Make A Capri Sun Wallet

You want to learn how to make a Capri Sun Wallet? Well here we go. Apparently, the usefulness of a Capri Sun pouch stretches a little farther than just holding the juicy goodness inside. It turns out that Capri Sun pouches can make good wallets as well. So, how do we make a Capri Sun wallet? Simple. A little creativity, some scissors and duct tape will go a long way. Here's how to turn a Capri Sun juice pouch into a Capri Sun Wallet.

What you need:

  • Capri Sun pouch
  • Scissors
  • duct tape
  1. The Capri Sun pouch. Before taking on this noteworthy task, remove the straw from its plastic wrapping. Insert the straw into the hole designated for it. Enjoy the ambrosia inside the pouch. Mmmm good. Make sure you drink it all now. Make sure you drink every drop of your Capri Sun.
  2. Cutting open the pouch. After you've finished drinking all of your Capri Sun, take your scissors and off one of the long sides of the pouch. Don't cut too deeply or you wont have room to hold stuff in the pouch after we've finished modifying it. Just cut off that metallic flap from the top of the pouch to the bottom on one side. Cut just enough to open the pouch. You can trim the metallic flaps on the other sides as well but don't accidentally cut too deeply, opening any of the other ends. Don't forget to wash out the Capri Sun pouch and let it dry.
  3. Time for the duct tape. With any makeshift wallet, in order to fortify your creation, you need to use a strong adhesive. Duct tape will do the job. If you're creative enough, you can even use the duct tape to create a multi-pocketed Capri Sun wallet. First things first. Fold your recently opened Capri Sun pouch in half. Use the duct tape to create the first two compartments. Tape down the middle of the pouch, right over your fold. Tape it all the way around the pouch. You should have two openings now. You can stop here if you want. No? Good, let's continue.
  4. Extra pockets. Use the duct tape to cover the rest of the Capri sun pouch. Just make sure you don't cover the opening. To create extra pockets, take more duct tape and line what would be the inside of your Capri Sun wallet with the tape. After this is done, take two pieces of tape and stick them together. Their sticky sides should be touching. Just leave enough adhesive uncovered on three sides to stick the tape to the wallet. Make sure to leave an opening to put your cards in. There you go, you just created a pocket. You can create a few more using this technique. For measuring purposes, take your driver's license and use it as a guide so you know how wide the pocket has to be to hold your IDs. You can create these pockets horizontally or vertically depending on your preference. When you're done, you should be able to fold your new wallet closed and throw it comfortably in your pocket. 
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