How To Make A Car Battery

Need to know how to make a car battery? This is something that every guy trying to save money on his car has wondered. But doing this isn’t for everyone. High molar sulfuric acid is dangerous, so don’t mess with it if you are unfamiliar with it or scared. Car batteries being “recharged” in this way can explode, so be careful. The required molar concentration of the acid can be derived from the manufacturer's specifications of the side of the dead battery you will use.

To make a car battery, you will need:

  • A discarded wet cell car battery
  • Acid-proof gloves and gown
  • High molar sulfuric acid
  • Water
  • A face shield and goggles
  1. Open the discarded battery and pour out the old acid and water. Do this carefully and into a Hazmat-approved container. These contents are hazardous waste.
  2. Open your container and carefully fill about 50% of the acid compartment with high molar sulfuric acid. You may hear a frying sound, but if it begins to crackle and pop, stop pouring. The car battery may be contaminated with an organic material. Get another battery in that case. If all goes well, go to the next step.
  3. Pour in the water. This is the most dangerous part. It is at this point that some batteries explode in your face. All pouring most be done slowly and with protective gear. If you aren’t going to do this right, then don’t do it at all. The water may go in a separate container or directly into the acid, depending on the type of battery. Some batteries (by design) are never to have water added to them, so please check your manufacturer's instructions for details. This is the most dangerous part of  making a car battery. Normally the acid will crackle and pop here. The container may heat up as well. Pouring water in acid is never a normal or recommended procedure.
  4. Place the battery in your car and attempt to start it. This is another critical phase. Please put some cardboard under your car for the acid to drip on should your battery explode during this part of the process. They can often explode when a recharging current comes back through the alternator. All people should stand clear during this part of the process. Normally your car should start now, and everything will be okay.

These steps round out the process. You should be good to drive around using this car battery. If you followed instructions, this car battery should last one to two years.

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