How To Make A Car Bed

How to make a car bed is a question that many automobile enthusiasts are asking. This is because for those that are truly motor heads, being away from a car for too long is frustrating. Even for those that just like cars and are looking for a cute novelty bed for a child, car beds can be great for people of all ages. Truthfully, there are several ways to make a really good car bed. Some of these methods are a little more expensive and a little more involved than others, but, for authenticity, it is sometimes worth it.

  1. The cheapest and least involved way of making a car bed is to cut it out of wood. This can be done simply by taking an old bed as your base and making stencils for cutting. Use large transparencies to trace out the image of the car that is to scale to the amount of material that you have. Once this is done, use a jigsaw to cut out the image in the transparency on the old wood of the bed. Make sure that the bed is still structurally sound, however.
  2. Another way to make a good car bed is to simply use creative painting. Take a bed and paint out the image of a car right on the wood. This is usually the cheapest option, but it is also slightly more involved, as your art has to be relatively good to give it the impression of a car.
  3. The most expensive and involved way to make a car bed is to actually use a car. This involved actually taking a car frame and cutting the entire tip off of it. This will require a good deal of machinery and diligence. Make sure that the mattress fits into the cavity of the car. Once the top is off, you will need to remove any internal parts (seats, seatbelts, dashboards, etc) that are still attached. If you start just with the frame of the car, you shouldn’t have any problem with this. You may consider adding some braces to the sides of the car’s interior for the mattress to rest on. If not, you could just add a box-spring-like surface that the mattress can rest on.

Though it can be costly and time consuming to make the top notch car bed, it is certainly worth it for the novelty and uniqueness that it creates. The most important thing is to keep in mind that it can be a difficult process if you chose to go with the third option. Just keep your eye on the prize. 

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