How To Make A Car Computer

Car owners would be interested how to make a car computer to make their ride more sophisticated and techie. Car computers are becoming the trend in upgrading car interiors. Computers are integrated into the interiors to create a car computer system that can give a sophisticated multimedia system and functionality from the inside of the vehicle. Using the following guidelines you can make your own car computer system. 

You will need:

  • Desktop PC/laptop
  • LCD
  • power supply
  • dashboard fabrication (optional)
  • regular hand tools
  • DC-to-AC inverter
  • Battery
  • FM transmitter
  • Adhesive tape
  • Wire/Velcro
  • Leisure battery (optional) 
  1. Secure a dashboard fabrication. You can contact your car dealer to provide you with a similar fascia panel of your car that you can use to replace the in-dash display. The fabrication will undergo modifications to accommodate the display of the LCD for your car computer.
  2. You can opt not to replace the original dashboard.  Look for an area where to install the LCD where it cannot obstruct your views while driving. Make sure to secure the LCD in place using double sided adhesive tape. The use of Velcro is another option to secure the LCD in place.
  3. A car computer will require the use of a laptop or desktop computer. Most prefer to use a desktop PC for this purpose. The computer unit is placed at the trunk of the car securing it in one corner with the use of a wire or rope to tie it down with the trunk tie down connectors.
  4. Connect the video cable from the LCD to the computer. You may need an extension cable to do this. Hide the wiring under the interior trim of the carpet to hide them from sight.
  5. Run the power cord using a car stereo kit to connect the wires to the battery. Connect the positive line connecting with the battery supply to the DC-to-AC inverter to activate the power supply of the computer. Unbolt the rear seat belt and file the metal from it and wire the negative power connector of the inverter to the bolt before putting back the nut.
  6. Consider the power load of the car computer system to your vehicle’s electrical system. If you plan to use the car computer system less frequently this may not be an issue. However using the car computer on a regular basis may burden additional load to your battery. Adding a leisure battery to exclusively run your car computer is a good consideration.
  7. Run a test if the car computer system works. Use the computer just like how it is typically operated. You can optimize the sound of the car computer by hooking an FM transmitter to the computer’s audio system. You can now use your car computer system with an additional feature of using multimedia system inside your vehicle.
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