How To Make A Car Faster

Want to know how to make a car faster? You can make a car faster in several different ways.  Making a car faster can save you money if you cannot afford to buy a faster car.  A faster car can also help in emergency maneuvering situations.

  1. Benchmark the current performance.  Take your vehicle to a closed circuit area and time your current vehicle performance.  Place your vehicle on a dynometer to measure your vehicles existing torque and hp levels.  It is important to do this first, so that you can understand the impacts of each vehicle modification.
  2. Lighten the vehicle.  If you remove unnecessary weight, your car will be faster as it is lighter.  Things you can remove from the vehicle include the air conditioner, radio assembly, interior trim and insulation.  If you do not have any passengers, take out the passenger seat as well.  This is typically done in racing situations. 
  3. Use high octane fuel.  Be sure to use premium fuel, so your engine is performing at its optimum peak.  This will also prevent your engine from knocking or pinging.
  4. Remove vehicle racks.  Take off any used racks from the vehicle.  By lowering your cd (drag coefficient), your engine will be devoting more horsepower and torque to moving the car faster.
  5. Change the air intake.  Aftermarket intakes can bring more air into the vehicle.  By increasing the combustion efficiently, you can gain a few extra horsepower.
  6. Change the exhaust.  Using an aftermarket exhaust can improve your vehicle performance.  Choose an exhaust which performs but is not too loud.  You do not want to draw unnecessary attention to your fast car.

When you are done with your modifications, put your vehicle back on the dynometer to measure your horsepower and torque increase.  Take a few laps on a closed track, to gauge the increase in speed.

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