How To Make A Car Grill

Knowing how to make a car grill can save you a lot of money when customizing your vehicle. While an aftermarket mesh grill can cost up to $150, creating your own can cost as little as $10.

Tools you will need:

  • Screw driver/Wrench
  • Mesh fence
  • Drill (depending on your car model)
  • Fence cutters
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  1. Unscrew your bumper. The first step in creating your own car grill is to unscrew and take off your front bumper. Depending on the make of your car you might need a screwdriver, wrench or both. Note that on certain cars you can gain access to the grill through the engine area, if you can not you'll need to take off the whole bumper.
  2. Unscrew the grill. On most cars the stock grill is really two pieces, the frame and the plastic stock grill that you are switching out. However on some cars the grill is not inside a frame and is attached by screws on the inside on the bumper. Regardless of which type of grill your car has, you remove by simply unscrewing it. If your car has a frame and the stock grill is screwed in inside, first unscrew the frame then unscrew or un-clip the grill.
  3. Cut your mesh fence. Eyeballing here is a very bad idea, that's why you have the tape measure. Measure the size of the old grill and with the marker, mark the appropriate size on the fence. Cut the fence according to the measurements you've obtained, a little extra room won't hurt, after all you can cut more off later, if you cut too close you will need to redo the whole process over.
  4. Install your mesh grill. This step will be different depending on your car make and model. If your stock grill had a frame then you will be attaching your mesh fence to your car's stock grill frame using the stock grill's clips/screws, and then reattaching the frame to your car bumper. If you car did not have a frame in which the grill was held, you will be attaching the mesh fence cutout to inside your bumper with the stock grill's screws, make sure to stretch the fence grill as much as possible when tightening the screws to create a flush look. You might need to play around with your new car grill to get it to be on at tight as possible when attaching the grill without a frame, be patient.
  5. Reinstall your bumper. After the grill is securely attached to your bumper, reattach your bumper back to your car. Make sure you don't have any extra screws lying around, you don't want your car to develop a strange noise when driving over bumps. Stand back and enjoy your shiny new car grill that cost 1/10 of the price from a manufacturer.
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