How To Make A Car Handle

When learning how to make a car handle better, you will want to look at the suspension, alignment and tires. The center of gravity can make a car handle better. These tips on making your car handle better can give it better gas mileage and make your car safer to drive.

  1. Alignment Proper alignment can make your car handle like you are gliding on rails. The alignment of a vehicle is based on adjusting the tire angle. This is done by aligning the wheels in a way that the tire makes the most contact with the road.
  2. Suspension Key components when trying to make a car handle better are the shock and struts (these can also be called dampers). The shocks and struts control the ride of the vehicle in the amount of distance it allows the suspension to move. Using the proper shocks and struts to make a car handle better will allow for less body roll.
  3. Tires A wider tire will make a car handle better because there is more tire coming in contact with the road. A low profile tire also helps with car handling because there is less sidewall, which means there is less flexibility to the tire.
  4. Center of gravity A car that has a high center of gravity will have more body roll and less handling than a car with a lower center of gravity. You can make a car handle better by changing the spring or adding anti-roll bars.

Making a car handle better is something everyone is interested in these days. You don’t have to be a racecar driver to want better performance and drivability out of your car. A few adjustments here and there and you car could be gliding on rails around even the toughest of turns. 

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