How To Make A Car Model

Learn about how to build a car model, and build the car of your dreams.  Building model cars can be fun and challenging if you have good attention to detail.  This project can also be a great way for you to build yourself a motivational reminder, if you are trying to save up money for the real car.

Here are the supplies you will need for this project:

  • Model car kit
  • Beginner model assembly kit (epoxy, work surface covering, paint, sand paper)
  1. Pick the car model that you wish to assemble.  The car can be a classic model, which can be a reminder of one of your past automobiles.  If you are thinking about buying an exotic car, building a model can also be a great motivational tool to bring you one step closer to owning the real thing.
  2. Find a suitable working condition.  Find a suitable location for assembling your model vehicle.  Pick a location where there is a good amount of available light, and not a lot of foot traffic.  Avoid places such as your family room table, as other household members may accidently bump into your work.  Losing a small plastic piece of your model can be extremely frustrating.
  3. Read the entire instructions before you begin.  Before you remove a single piece from the plastic tree, make sure you read the instructions thoroughly from end to end.  Reading in advance can give a big advantage, as you will understand the whole picture before you begin your assembly work.
  4. Paint the individual pieces, before removing them from the plastic sheet.  Model car parts can be extremely small.  An easy way to paint the parts, is doing so before you remove the pieces from the tree.  Use a C clamp to hold the tree, so that you can use both hands during the painting process. 
  5. Assemble and glue the pieces together, according to the instructions provided with the model car.  If your pieces have chrome on them, be sure to sand off the chrome before you attempt to use the glue.  Pre fit the pieces before you begin gluing, so that you can make adjustments if necessary.  If certain pieces do not fit smoothly, you may need to use sandpaper to smooth the joints.  Instead of applying the glue directly from the tube, use an applicator so that you have greater control over the flow of epoxy. 
  6. Apply the decals to your car.  Your decal sheet will need to be soaked in water.  Once the decal is loose, place the decal onto your plastic model.  You will need to use your hand to properly position the decal before it begins to set and dry. 

When you are completely finished building your model car, set in a safe location and allow it to dry.

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