How To Make A Car Seat Cover

Learning how to make a car seat cover can be really challenging but its actually quite simple to do.  The important thing to do is know what your goals are when you set out to customize your car seats.  Customizing your seats can actually be rewarding and a major selling point when and if you decide to sell your car.  Much needed supplies are measuring tape, straight pins, sewing machine, scissors, and of course the fabric to make the car seat covers. 

  1. Measure your car seat and make a pattern out of paper that way you know exactly what your going to be making.  
  2. With pattern in hand cut the fabric out and begin to stitch the seat together.  Make sure that your measurements are exact its better to repeatedly check before cutting fabric.
  3. Turn the fabric inside out.
  4. Keep in mind each section must be pinned together and then with the sewing machine begin sewing these sections together. 
  5. When passing the material through the machine hold one side of the material as you push the other sections through to be stitched. 
  6. Now is the time to decide i your are going to have a two piece or a one piece car seat cover. If you are going to have a two piece car seat cover then go ahead and finish with the sections. 
  7. At the end of all of this sew in a rope into the bottom of the car seat cover.   
  8. With that done secure the car seat onto the chair and now your done. 

Now that you have added that extra flare to your cars seats the sky is the limit you might actually want to go ahead and tackle the back seat also. Enjoy your new interior and the new look you have given your vehicle. You might even be able to help your friends remake a car seat cover also. 

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